Play count not updating from iphone

Whether regurgitators failed to read all the way through the research, or simply decided to ignore it in service of sensationalism doesn't really matter.

The resulting misinformation and confusion is the same.

Since Samsung and other Android manufacturers are updating only a few at a time and at different times, searches will be spread out across a very, very wide range of times.

In other words, someone with an i Phone 4s on Rogers in Canada is on exactly the same update schedule as someone with an i Phone 5c on Orange in France is on the same schedule as someone with an i Phone 5s on Verizon in the U. However, someone with a Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile in Germany is almost certainly on a very different update schedule than someone with a Galaxy S4 on AT&T in the U.

If and when they slow down or otherwise misbehave, it's easy to blame the operating system.