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Before sound-check at a show in California, gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello frontman, Eugene Hutz, spoke with The Daily Gazette about the band’s extensive touring schedule, his experience as an immigrant and how the band thrives on fresh blood.

The band is well known for their riotous shows and tireless tour schedule.

There’s nothing in the world [like] performing a cathartic concert and taking thousands of people along with you on to the catharsis.

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The girls would say their families couldn't afford a new uniform so that next year they could wear shorter skirts than the year before.

Survival was about finding ways to get around the system, finding underground jobs like working in a liquor store or a butcher's.

Video calls can only be possible if the two computers are installed webcams for two people to see each other on the screen.

My grandmother was a tailor, which saved me from only ever wearing things that looked unconnected to any worldwide fashion.

My father took many jobs and became a butcher, which was a major saving of our personal circumstances.