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Which is why Danny’s girl-crazy, limo-driving brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas, American Pie) is horrified to discover that Danny is not only shy and nervous when it comes to the opposite sex, he’s also a virgin.

Determined to help Danny have his first sexual experience, his brother Larry sets up a series of hysterically disastrous blind dates with shallow girls that can’t seem to get past his sight impairment.

Here are 11 things Steinberg says you should consider before going on your first blind date.

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Astept sa il vad in alte filme pe viitor si ii doresc succes... pe langa ca e foarte frumos, imi place mult si cum joaca si cum se comporta in filme....farmec si un comportament pe placul meu.....

Blind Dating is a hilarious comedy about Danny (Chris Pine), an intelligent, confident, handsome young man who also happens to be blind.

Chiar si bunicii din partea mamei au avut o cariera la Hollywood: Anne Gwynne si Max M. mai mult Pe numele său adevărat Christopher Whitelaw Pine, Chris Pine s-a născut pe 26 august 1980 în Los Angeles, California.

Mama lui, si ea o fosta actrita, s-a retras devenind psihoterapeut. Chris studiaza mai intai engleza la Universitatea din California, dupa care pleaca in Anglia, unde studiaza actoria la Universitatea din Leeds.

And like any date, blind dates are about exploring your options and not giving up on love if one goes wrong.