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A few of of them are actually based on my personality but for the most part I'm playing characters.I didn't get famous for joking around with my friends, my videos got popular because I put in hours and hours of work every week making sure I put out the best sketch possible.

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I think that's what it's called hahah Yeah it was a lot of fun. Have someone at the door making sure when people aren't walking in and out that thing is shut at all times and no noise is getting out of the house S just means S. I'm lucky enough to have a group of solid friends that could care less about fame and all that bullshit so when we hang out it's like nothing has changed I was undecided until I dropped out Movies are more fun because they're bigger and you can do more.

Ideally I would love to do what I do on You Tube but with movies So many times, over 20 at least.

A girl that doesn't do that dumb stereotypical girl bullshit that 99 percent of girls do. I love that people enjoy my videos and nothing makes me happier than making people laugh and if you're a fan of my work, I appreciate it when you tell me, but I don't do what I do to be famous.

Some people come up to me on the street expecting me to start telling jokes and making them laugh and wanting to take pictures when I'm just trying to buy a damn Twix from the gas station. JK he'd ball out on me, I think my 3 point stroke is better though It was either there or Oregon.

It's a character that's fun to play and I can play pretty naturally at this point in my life since I'm still college aged but I'll be playing different types of characters in upcoming movies Johnny Walker Blue with one big ass ice cube It was never something I planned on doing for a long time, I was just in a fraternity in college so I thought of a lot of funny fraternity related jokes since that's what I was around.


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