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And by “a pattern” I mean literally everyone I dated (aside from my first girlfriend) was a friends’ gay friend. And then when my last long term relationship failed (as it was inevitably going to) I decided it was time I tried something different. It would without fail lead to these horrendously drawn out relationships or pointless flings that would always inevitably fail miserably or be super awkward or both.

I am incredibly grateful and happy I decided to rise above how judgemental I was and open myself up to a new experience.

Just a few tips for dating online: – Always meet up in a public place. The world is full of awesome people and you deserve happiness.

It was boring, time consuming and it made me feel shallow. I had told her before I met her that so long as we clicked in real life, I really wanted to make her my girlfriend (talk about pressure Batman).

You’re scrolling through pictures and talking to the people you find attractive. After we left the coffee shop and then we awkwardly walked around the waterfront in Collingwood.

I don’t have to hide anything from her and she loves me exactly as I am, flaws and all.