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The L- and D-amino acid ratios are determined by gas and liquid chromatography..Likewise, it can occur in molten rock from a volcano.Other methods include: coin dating, seriation, and amino-acid racemization.

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Continuous cores, sometimes taken to the bedrock below, allow the sampling of an ice sheet through its entire history of accumulation.

Because there is no melting, the layered structure of the ice preserves a continuous record of snow accumulation and chemistry, air temperature and chemistry, and fallout from volcanic, terrestrial, marine, cosmic, and man-made sources.

Since weather patterns tend to run in cycles of a number of years, the sequence of tree-rings in a region will also reflect the same cycling, as illustrated by the graph below.

By cross-linking core samples from living and dead trees, a master sequence of annual tree-ring widths can be compiled.

The time between reversals has ranged between less than 100,000 to tens of millions of years with an average of about 300,000 years. It takes 1,000-8,000 years for one to be completed. It is thought that as a reversal approaches, the earth's magnetic field weakens.


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