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“It must be hard seeing her deteriorate into someone you don’t know,” I said.But my neighbor replied that her mother had been this way her entire life—age and infirmity hadn’t made her any different. Part of the work of bringing up children to live in a social world is helping them begin to understand that other people have feelings and needs that must be respected.But they are not born with this capacity, and it's not inappropriate for them to want their own needs to be met first and foremost.

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He makes a good point, but there’s another side of this coin—the fear many of my clients share, that the selfish ones. Remember that a certain amount of selfishness is healthy.

Healthy selfishness not only reminds us to take care of ourselves; it makes it possible for us to take care of others.

With that in mind, the following are 4 tips to deal with the selfish people in your life: 1. Let me explain: Understanding mean letting someone off the hook.

But if you can get behind the behavior and discover what motivates it, you'll have a better chance of responding in a way that might make it less powerful.

But all of her children called and emailed her regularly, and the children and grandchildren who still lived nearby visited her often.