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The new information Newman had found in the files was that the Oswald recording had been fabricated, almost certainly by the CIA, who found a stand-in to impersonate Oswald on the recordings. David Slawson admitted that he had been permitted to hear at least part of one tape during his tenure with the Commission.

Holland scoffed that any tapes had survived; apparently unaware the story had already been publicly confirmed. John Armstrong gave his usual dramatic presentation of documents showing that on numerous occasions there were two different 'Oswalds' appearing simultaneously in different locations.

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Cockburn claimed that Kennedy 'always acted within the terms of [establishment] institutions and that, against [Oliver Stone's film Thus, 'whether JFK was killed by a lone assassin or by a conspiracy has as much to do with the subsequent contours of American politics as if he had tripped over one of Caroline's dolls and broken his neck in the White House nursery.'Echoing Cockburn, Holland holds that, behind a pacific facade, Kennedy was really a clanking Cold Warrior spoiling for a fight – exactly the opposite of the fantasy held by the kooky conspiracy crowd.

It was but a 'fantasy that Kennedy was on the verge of pulling out from Vietnam.' possible in the early 60s.

(More on this later.)The situation is about to get a lot more interesting.

Sometime in 2003, Holland will finally unleash his long-promised, 650-page paean to Earl Warren.

It's quite another matter when more than 80% of Americans disbelieve or cannot accept their own history, and when the questions they ask about the past are based on palpable, cunningly manufactured falsehoods.' (Holland's emphasis.


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