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The two ensembles will perform several times, including “Unity” concerts at two universities and a joint concert with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana to benefit the Ghana-Yale Partnership for Global Health.

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We are also on the verge of launching a novel alternative investment instrument, Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD), which will be a first in Ghana’s financial market.

Information Resource Barclays Ghana Markets provides daily market update and periodic research covering the local and international financial markets.

Three of Asia's largest rivers, the Ganges (locally known as the Padma), the Brahmaputra (locally known as the Jamuna) and the Meghna, flow through Bangladesh and form the fertile Bengal delta—the largest delta in the world.

It is a member of the Developing 8 Countries, the OIC, the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Group of 77, the Non-Aligned Movement, BCIM and the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Though the case will still be reviewed by high courts in Ghana, Judge Kwadwo Yeboah ruled for a temporary halt on any further commercialization and development of GMOs until the case submitted by plaintiffs Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG) against the Ministry of Food & Agriculture and the National Biosafety Committee is concluded. the National Biosfety Committee has unlawfully been operating in the place of a National Biosafety Authority and is in clear breach of the provisions of the Biosafety Act 2011 Act (831), as regards the need for public awareness and participation in decisions affecting the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment.”.


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