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Many aspects of Intelli Sense are language-specific.For more information about Intelli Sense for different languages, see the topics listed under See Also. If you continue typing characters, the list is filtered to include only the members that begin with those characters.To toggle between completion mode and suggestion mode, press CTRL ALT SPACEBAR or click Edit/Intelli Sense/Toggle Completion Mode.

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It's actually easy for most languages: Select Tools/Options on the menu.

On the Options dialog box, select Text Editor, then select the language you use, then select "General".

Intelli Sense is a nice user interface feature when it works, but it has nothing whatever to do with building and running your C/C code.

Intelli Sense errors do not equal compiler errors, and trying to “fix” them is fruitless.

When you annotate functions and parameters with XML Documentation comments, the comments will display as Parameter Info.